Monday, November 1, 2010

weekend wrap up part two

fall in the pacific northwest can be a soggy affair. while we have beautiful trees in many many colors, as soon as the leaves turn the rains come. though we never got the variety of colors in my wyoming hometown, we did have that satisfying crunch of leaves underfoot and the chance to build nests or forts, or even just giant piles to jump in, out of leaves. i miss crunchy leaves a bit.

however, once you've lived here for awhile you realize that you can't let a little rain stop you from doing things, so this weekend when some friends asked us to join them at a corn maze and pumpkin patch, we donned our jackets and muddin' shoes and hit the road!

misty, rainy, farmland

tall corn

so very very muddy!

that's the washington state capitol (kind of)

of course, i simply must find vintage things wherever i go!

love this truck!

bill-the 'husby', and myself 

lots of pumpkins left- and this was the day before halloween


snuggling goats

i think this is the mama goat

a highland cow- so furry!


lots of little piglets! they were all born about a month ago

hello there little piggy

isn't the color of this car amazing?

i think i have radar for anything vintage in the vicinity

HUGE pumpkin! 

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