Thursday, April 28, 2011

easter realizations...

i can hardly believe it's been so long since i last posted something here! over easter weekend i had an 'ah ha' moment though and realized that i tend to avoid blogging if i don't have a whole bunch of time to do it. i put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure my posts are long, with lots of photos, links, and information. well, no more! i am going to try and post at least once a week and focus on small things, which you all will hopefully find interesting or inspiring, and if it's just a few paragraphs and a photo- so be it! hopefully my new approach to blogging will be received well by you, dear readers. let me know what you think!

and on that note, i thought i'd just share a little bit from our easter sunday...

we started bright and early with a little breakfast, just the husby and i, before we headed to church.

i made the quiche the night before and it turned out pretty tasty!

the 'easter bunny' also made a visit! look at the cute vintage bucket, and bowl he picked out for our 'baskets'. he also brought more than just candy...some pencils, burt's bees products, nut butters, and more!

after church we prepared for dinner guests. what a fun way to break in our new apartment- 11 adults and 2 toddlers! i always love hosting because it gives me motivation to clean (or in this case to finally finish putting things away) as well as an excuse to decorate and use my fun vintage collections! for easter i put my new loving cup collection to good use. they look so cute filled with some wheatgrass...

we also dyed eggs which i have been wanting to do for the last several years. i decided to try making dye from fruits and veggies this time...

the beets and blueberries worked really well, the carrots and spinach not so well. it was fun though and then we had lots of hard boiled eggs for a friend to make some deviled eggs that were a hit! almost everyone joined in the fun...

we had a lovely easter spent with good friends and family, amazing food, and lots of laughs! i hope you had a nice easter too!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

sneak peek of the new place!

whew! it's been a crazy couple of weeks! my trip to portland with the bestie, followed by preparations for our moving sale and the sale itself, a short trip to yakima for our favorite little girl's 1st birthday, and now packing up everything for the big move on saturday have made for a very busy, very tired girl.

sadly, all of this has meant no time for blogging, but i thought i would tide you over with a sneak peek at our new place. we picked up the keys today and i took a few quick photos so i could share with you!

i'm really excited to get moved in so i can start decorating! stay posted for the many projects that are sure to come in our new apartment!

view of living room from front entry. look at those pretty floors!

view of entry way from front door. that short little staircase leads to our very unusual bathroom. 

looking into bedroom from living room. great light in there! and i'm actually excited about warm carpet in the bedroom. 

the 'dining room'. it will actually be our office/studio area, with a little eating nook in that lovely bay window!

looking into the kitchen from the dining room. it's a pretty decent sized kitchen for an apartment, and it has a full-sized gas stove! so happy to have gas for cooking again!
xo danae

Thursday, March 10, 2011

we're having a moving sale

hello everyone!  i wanted to leave a quick post to let you know that my husby and i are having a moving sale this weekend. there will be some vintage items, as well as newer stuff too. it's even inside! i've posted some photos below of a sample of what we'll have. you can also check out our craigslist ad to read more!

so, if you're in the seattle area come on by and find some treasures! hope to see you then.

saturday, march 12th
319 W Dravus St #1
Seattle WA 98119

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

finds to fancy...the moving edition (pt.1)

hello everyone. how have you been? i know it's been a while since i've posted- and i don't really even have a good excuse! but i'm back now, and isn't that what really matters?

some of you may remember me mentioning how much i dislike our current apartment- it's sad but true. but take heart- those sad days are nearly over because we are moving! i am so excited i could actually jump for joy!

our new apartment is lovely. it's in a wonderful vintage building. it has hardwood floors, lots and lots of windows-several of them bay windows, a large bedroom and living room along with a dining room area. it even has a decent sized kitchen (something that can be hard to find in older buildings). i don't have photos right now, but as soon as i do i will post some so you can share in my excitement!

though our move is still several weeks away and it will be even longer before i'll have everything decorated- i'm already dreaming of what i want to do with each room, and how to use items i've been saving that can come out of storage. in the coming weeks i want to share my inspiration for the new place and i really want to hear what you think and would love links to anything you think i should check out!

today we'll start with the bedroom. i've already touched on my recent ideas for a more frontier-style bedroom, which i'll continue with...

we don't currently have a headboard and i would love to have one again.

love headboard from house tweaking
this DIY headboard at house tweaking is really cute and fits the rustic vibe well i think.

wooden crates from barnwood furniture
or how about my own DIY idea- using vintage wooden crates to form both a headboard and some storage space? looking for your own wooden crates? there are some great choices on etsy!

our new bedroom is about three times bigger than our current postage stamp sized bedroom so we'll have room for a rug!

rauser's redeploy rug
the redeploy rug from rauser has just the right blend of ruggedness and sophistication.

thanks to apartment therapy for photo of flokati rug. 
of course there's the always popular flokati rug. so warm and fluffy! 

and i'm still on the hunt for new bedding. i'm leaning towards something wool and grey.

photo from white flower farmhouse
the front runner right now is this cozy blanket-a replica of vintage czech army blankets. i've found them locally, but white flower farmhouse has some too! 

katy elliot's macauslands blankets
if i could splurge a bit, i would order one of these wonderful wool blankets from macauslands woollen mills in prince edward island. i heard about them through katy elliot and have been dreaming about them since. 

so there's my bedroom inspiration. have any suggestions? i'd love to hear from you- comment below or send me a message!

the bestie and i are heading to portland, oregon for a little vintage girl's weekend on friday. keep an eye out for a new post next week with photos and treasures from our trip!

Monday, February 28, 2011

guest post: how-to tie your vintage scarf

i'm so pleased to have my first ever guest post today! my dear friend melissa, who you can find at the helm of a record of photographs, stopped by everyday vintage with a great how-to for us! so without further ado, i give you today's guest post...

Hello all! This is Melissa Lee, Danae's bestie, business partner and vintage accomplice. I have a fun vintage how-to post to share with all you lovely readers.

I am super into vintage scarves. Not only do they come in awesome colors and patterns but they keep you a little warmer, cover any unwanted cleavage, and jazz up your outfit.  If you don't have a vintage scarf here are a couple I found online that are beautiful!

you can find this one here

this one here

or if you fancy something a little more wild try this one

Now onto the How-To!

It will work best with a larger scarf, that can be double wrapped around your neck.

STEP 1: Fold your scarf in half diagonally so that you have a triangle. Lay your scarf out on a flat surface the way you want it to sit on your chest. You want the bottom corner to be longer than your top corner, like this. See how I have lots of extra fabric on the bottom left?
STEP 2:   Grasp fabric from the bottom corner.
STEP 3:  Fold excess fabric down and hold. You will have an extra little "poof" of fabric.
STEP 4: Next fold extra fabric up creating a second "poof" on the opposite side of your hand. You should have a little extra hang off (about 2-3 inches).
STEP 5: Take the other end of your fabric (above where you're working now) and wrap it where your fingers are clasped.
STEP 6: Next do a simple knot with that piece you have in your hand, and you should have a bow. There should be excess fabric at the end of your knot (2-3 inches). Your bow will be slightly deformed as mine is. 
STEP 7: Give your bow a little love! I adjust my excess fabric to be in the right place and fluff my bow "poofs." See? Much better right?
STEP 8:  Wear your scarf!  TADA! A fun new way to wear your vintage scarves.
Bows are super in right and I love their feminine appeal. I hope that you enjoy this fun new way to wear scarves and add some fresh fun to your wardrobe.

Melissa Lee