Tuesday, November 9, 2010

finds to fancy

university of wyoming campus today
(photo by my friend robert perea)
i was happy to see that my wyoming hometown had it's first major snow today. i miss the first snow, the way the whole town looks fresh when blanketed in sparkling white. while seattle rarely gets snow, the temperatures have been dropping and my thoughts have turned to ways to stay cozy this winter.

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hot, freshly percolated coffee anywhere you go? sounds cozy to me!

or perhaps an afternoon cup o' tea?

i've been preparing soup more often- maybe some new recipes?

mmm...a cozy fire to curl up by? such a lovely dream for an apartment dweller like me!

love the colors in this cozy wool throw

what a cute way to keep baby warm!

i can just imagine bundling up in this wonderful coat!

i think i had a little snow suit like this when i was a baby

such rich, autumnal colors in this warm scarf

a good scarf for a man in your life- especially great colors for the holidays

this shade of yellow is my favorite right now- and that fur? love it!

every man needs a warm, stylish hat, no?

and don't forget about the kiddos!

these boots look perfect for seattle- not too warm, plenty waterproof.  and sooo stylish!

and a good choice for the men folk. duck boots have such a classic appeal.

all this coziness has me craving a hot cocoa and some time under a blanket! stay warm today everyone!

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