Monday, February 28, 2011

guest post: how-to tie your vintage scarf

i'm so pleased to have my first ever guest post today! my dear friend melissa, who you can find at the helm of a record of photographs, stopped by everyday vintage with a great how-to for us! so without further ado, i give you today's guest post...

Hello all! This is Melissa Lee, Danae's bestie, business partner and vintage accomplice. I have a fun vintage how-to post to share with all you lovely readers.

I am super into vintage scarves. Not only do they come in awesome colors and patterns but they keep you a little warmer, cover any unwanted cleavage, and jazz up your outfit.  If you don't have a vintage scarf here are a couple I found online that are beautiful!

you can find this one here

this one here

or if you fancy something a little more wild try this one

Now onto the How-To!

It will work best with a larger scarf, that can be double wrapped around your neck.

STEP 1: Fold your scarf in half diagonally so that you have a triangle. Lay your scarf out on a flat surface the way you want it to sit on your chest. You want the bottom corner to be longer than your top corner, like this. See how I have lots of extra fabric on the bottom left?
STEP 2:   Grasp fabric from the bottom corner.
STEP 3:  Fold excess fabric down and hold. You will have an extra little "poof" of fabric.
STEP 4: Next fold extra fabric up creating a second "poof" on the opposite side of your hand. You should have a little extra hang off (about 2-3 inches).
STEP 5: Take the other end of your fabric (above where you're working now) and wrap it where your fingers are clasped.
STEP 6: Next do a simple knot with that piece you have in your hand, and you should have a bow. There should be excess fabric at the end of your knot (2-3 inches). Your bow will be slightly deformed as mine is. 
STEP 7: Give your bow a little love! I adjust my excess fabric to be in the right place and fluff my bow "poofs." See? Much better right?
STEP 8:  Wear your scarf!  TADA! A fun new way to wear your vintage scarves.
Bows are super in right and I love their feminine appeal. I hope that you enjoy this fun new way to wear scarves and add some fresh fun to your wardrobe.

Melissa Lee