Monday, November 1, 2010

weekend wrap up part one

i admit it- i can't resist vintage toys! i buy them at estate sales whenever i see them. though i usually sell them, or give them as gifts, very often we play with them first! so when i saw this enormous box of lincoln logs in the listing for an estate sale this last weekend, i knew i had to go!

unfortunately, the 'estate' sale turned out to be a very small garage sale, but the lincoln logs were still there when i arrived and a pretty good price, so it wasn't a completely wasted trip to the east side of lake washington.

bill and i were looking for something to do indoors on a rainy friday night, sooooo why not break out the lincoln logs?! we had a good time constructing a few houses (well, bill did most of the construction, while i sorted the 2 different sets out from each other and then sorted al the parts by size). all in all, a great way to spend a rainy evening!

our lumber yard

constructing the front room of the cabin

the husby hard at work

nearly done

tah-dah! our vacation home is complete

not too shabby, eh?

i'd live here

another cabin made with the 2nd set of logs

the builder looking pleased with his work

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