Tuesday, March 15, 2011

sneak peek of the new place!

whew! it's been a crazy couple of weeks! my trip to portland with the bestie, followed by preparations for our moving sale and the sale itself, a short trip to yakima for our favorite little girl's 1st birthday, and now packing up everything for the big move on saturday have made for a very busy, very tired girl.

sadly, all of this has meant no time for blogging, but i thought i would tide you over with a sneak peek at our new place. we picked up the keys today and i took a few quick photos so i could share with you!

i'm really excited to get moved in so i can start decorating! stay posted for the many projects that are sure to come in our new apartment!

view of living room from front entry. look at those pretty floors!

view of entry way from front door. that short little staircase leads to our very unusual bathroom. 

looking into bedroom from living room. great light in there! and i'm actually excited about warm carpet in the bedroom. 

the 'dining room'. it will actually be our office/studio area, with a little eating nook in that lovely bay window!

looking into the kitchen from the dining room. it's a pretty decent sized kitchen for an apartment, and it has a full-sized gas stove! so happy to have gas for cooking again!
xo danae


  1. yay! What a fun place! Happy nesting!

  2. very very cool! and those wood floors are BEAUTIFUL!